Most of you know that I’m a writer as well as a book reader and reviewer. I’ve read so many books that I started having a hard time keeping track of which ones were which. And, as I’m passionate about learning about what makes good writing, I’ve spent a lot of time really analyzing the books that I’ve read to determine what I liked and didn’t like and how that ties into my writing process. I’ve kept track of a lot of these thoughts on Amazon and Goodreads (if there’s such a thing as a “regular” on Amazon, or a “prime prime” member, that would be me), and I definitely have presences in both of those places, but I found their five-star rating system restrictive, and I had more to say about most books than their spaces allowed. So, that’s why I started this blog.

But I also started it so that I’d have a way to chronicle my writing journey, which will hopefully move into the publication phase some day soon. I do this because so many of you have so kindly asked, all along the way, how my book is coming. Well, here’s an update:

This manuscript has undergone four major revisions over the course of three years. I’ve considered giving up on it, as I discussed here.┬áBut then I had another friend beta-read it, and I went to the LDS Storymakers’ Conference (my third year). It was an amazing, truly wonderful experience. I’m sure I scared a few people with my “fangirl” behavior, I was so excited to be there.

But the best part of the conference was that I pitched to an agent who asked for my full manuscript. For those of you who don’t know, “pitching” is essentially a job interview for a book. A writer sits down with an agent or editor who can potentially sell the writers’ book to a publisher. It is one step in the very long process of book publication. If an agent likes the way the writer describes his or her book, the agent will ask for a partial or full manuscript. I fully expected to be rejected again, as I’d pitched this book twice before at Storymakers and been turned down.

I was not, however, turned down. The agent requested that I send her my full manuscript! I have to cut out 20,000 words to get it to sale-able length, and revise it again to include all the valuable feedback I got on it through Storymakers’ First Chapter contest and the important tweaks I learned about in the conferences’ intensives. But I look forward to the completion of that process (one I’m knee-deep in now) because I know that my book (which is called FORCED) will be much better at the end of it.

Want to see how I’m going about making those changes? Behold, The Board of Noitaciblup:

board resized

Yes, that is a full-sized, eight-feet long white board, with my book’s chapters laid out in sequential order. It’s working for me, to be able to see everything and how it all fits together on one big “screen!”

Will sending in my full manuscript ultimately result in its publication? I don’t know. I’m trying not to get my hopes up about that. For now, I’m once again enjoying the journey.

Please continue to ask how my book is doing. I appreciate the interest and encouragement.


*Because it’s complete, it’s copyright-protected.

A Step in the Right Direction!

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